HELP for growing colored hair back to grey!

First of all, I recommend scheduling a complimentary color consultation with a color specialist. This takes under 15 Minutes and can answer all of your questions.

Now, what are your options regarding going grey gracefully? One option depending on what shade your colored hair is, would be to switch to low lights or highlights instead of all over color. If you have dark salt & pepper hair that you’ve lightened to blond, lowlights can be added to break up the solid color. Along the way a glaze can be applied to the remaining blond to darken the tone some. Lowlights or highlights will cover some of your greys and allow more to grow out. Each visit you can put fewer and fewer lowlights or highlights, until most of your grey hair is unveiled.

photo from - the author has written a book all about going gray!

I usually recommend a bob or wedge style as we will want to hide grey under the top of the solid form cut. I first switch the part to the opposite side. Then just color the part line and the crown area, the split area that’s all over the place when you wake up every morning.  You can brush Aveda’s deposit only color into the side area or add lowlights if you wish. This goes on for several months depending how thick the guest hair turns out to be. Eventually a new layered style is born.  At this time we can foil is some light highlights in the ends if necessary.

This whole process takes a least 6 or more months but can be stopped at any time to go to plan B: artificial color removal; not so much fun and hard on your hair.  If you are in this situation there are several options available for you, but we will need a consultation in the salon before we decide which is right for you.

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