How To: Rock Temporary Hair Color!

Fall is in the air and people everywhere are looking to get creative with their hair color. At Enright and Company, we offer permanent hair color in a rainbow of creative shades using Aveda’s Full Spectrum Hair Color. Permanent color is great for the fearless, but sometimes, you just want a test-drive, or a one-day pop of color. Weather you’re celebrating Homecoming week , supporting your team at the big game, dressing up for Halloween, or just in the mood to rock some crazy color, TINT hair chalk can give you a temporary look that washes out with your next shampoo.

TINT hair chalk comes in beautiful, vibrant colors, including many staples of local and professional sports teams!  Purple tips in curled hair would really class up Friday night football at BUHS!

TINT also looks great combined with a Fine Featherheads feather! We have two different colored feathers available for a limited time only. 10% of the purchase price of these feathers goes to the Save A Breast Foundation, and 50% goes to our friends at the Brattleboro Memorial Hospital Oncology Department.  Each ‘feather’ has 4 thin feathers in various shades. The feathers shown at left are pink, teal and lime green. We are expecting feathers that are four shades of pink any day now!

For more information on Fine Featherhead’s partnering with the Save A Breast Foundation, check out a recent blog post here. Stay tuned for more information on how Enright and Company will be supporting our local breast cancer support programs in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Our stylists couldn’t wait to get their hands on TINT and chalk some hair! Briana created a cotton candy effect in Sheena’s hair using Steel Blue and Party Pink hair chalk and blending the two together mid-strand. She used more pressure to create a saturated effect in her bangs. The girls had a lot of fun and can’t wait to try the other colors on other shades of hair!

TINT is fabulously easy to apply and rinses off the hands with soap and warm water. For most people, hair chalk will wash out with their first shampoo. For lighter hair, TINT may take a few shampoos to wash completely out. We recommend not heat-sealing the color in if you have very light blonde hair. Use hairspray to set it instead. For dark hair, we suggest dampening strands with a spray bottle of water before applying TINT. Let your hair air-dry and seal in with a heat tool or hairspray to set. The application of TINT can be messy! If you’re worried about it, wear gloves and a cape/towel or old t-shirt while you’re applying hair chalk.

Check out this awesome tutorial from Fine Featherheads, the makers of TINT hair chalk!

For more tips & tricks, including answers to questions about dark hair application, check out this blog post from Fine Featherheads.

Easy right?!? Come in to grab some TINT and rock your own temporary hair color today!

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