Salon Color vs. Store Bought Color

Lately people have asked me, “Larry, is there really any difference between your Aveda color and a store bought color?” (Or even natural herbal color from the Co-op health food market?)  During these trying economic times, people may try color at home to save time and money.  Our staff has seen many at home dyes where the color result is either too dark or too brassy.  This usually results in a “corrective color” service that costs extra time and money.

Store bought “box” color often comes out opaque and gets darker as you look down the hair shaft.  It generally leaves the hair feeling dry, with little or no shine.  There are chemicals in the color for shelf life and to allow for lift because they are only using one level of peroxide.  Natural color from the co-op seems to be even more drying to the hair.

In my professional opinion, Aveda’s hair color is superior even to other professional color lines. It contains a “signature blend of protective plant oils: organic sunflower, castor, jojoba, coconut and babassau oils… (the blend) conditions hair and infuses it with amazing shine.”  Patented green tea and red tea extracts create a broader spectrum and provide powerful anti-oxidant properties to help preserve the hair color formula naturally. The level of shine and dimension allows for a more healthy, natural look.

Aveda hair color is gentle on the environment and is customizable for every guest. No two heads are the same, and color can be adjusted to be warmer, cooler, lighter or darker even a fraction of a level.

Why use the same color as the person next to you or risk staining your bathroom tiles and towels?

Please visit us and we will give you a complimentary color consultation and provide you with a no-commitment price quotation to make life easier and more colorful!

I know you will love your hair.


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